Rediscovering a Classic

12 novels by America’s bestselling fiction author of all time find new home at AuthorHouse

Nobody on the bestseller list writes for money. The people who write for money never make it to the bestseller list,” wrote Tony Parsons in a 2007 Spectator article, adding “Robbins wrote the best books he could, and he wrote them because he had to.”

In his heyday, Harold Robbins was known as the writer who brought the sexy blockbuster paperback to the mainstream and to the screen—more than a dozen of his novels have been adapted for the screen. From the release of his debut novel in 1948 until his death in 1997, Robbins wrote 24 novels that sold more than 750 million copies worldwide.

Though recently out of print, the following Robbins novels have been reissued in hardback, paperback and electronic format: Dreams Die First; Goodbye, Janette; Where Love Has Gone; The Inheritors; The Lonely Lady; The Dream Merchants; Memories of Another Day; Never Love a Stranger; The Adventurers; Descent from Xanadu; Spellbinder; and The Pirate.

The decision to give readers the chance to rediscover Robbins’ classic works came from his widow Jann, who chose AuthorHouse for many reasons.

“I’ve been watching the market for the last three years, and hasn’t publishing changed in those years,” Jann told Publishers Weekly, according to a July 2010 article. “I just saw that the big five [houses]—or however many there are—are great, but they don’t give the support that I think is needed, especially for a classic book to come out and be rediscovered.”

Making Robbins’ novels compatible with modern technology was another reason Jann said she chose AuthorHouse, which includes digital formatting or eBook development with all publishing options.

“I’m an avid reader of eBooks, and Harold would have loved the idea of making his books available digitally,” said Jann Robbins. “His books spoke to all people, and by increasing the ways we can reach readers, I believe we’re carrying on his legacy.”

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