Determined Author Makes His Publishing Dream Come True

Daniel O’Leary worked two jobs from six in the morning to midnight to support his family. Still, he couldn’t stop writing. When he returned from his long day of work, he’d spend at least two hours writing each night before his head hit his pillow.

O’Leary’s father, who was a published author, told him he would always be heard if he put his thoughts in writing. That bit of advice stuck with O’Leary his entire life, inspiring his writing even when his life was extremely hectic. In time, he wrote five books and wanted desperately to get them all published.

“Let’s face it, writers love to write, and they do cherish the idea of being read as well. If your work isn’t published, it’s extremely difficult to be read,” O’Leary said.

The first book O’Leary hoped to publish was Blackwatch Tactical Force Five, a thriller about justice being served after a horrifying terrorist situation. The story was dear to him because he wanted to show his children the type of work he’d done while in military service.

“I couldn’t write about actual events or places for obvious reasons. So I created Blackwatch,” he said.

Trying Traditional Publishing

O’Leary developed a plan for getting his book published. With dreams of bestselling success, he went to the library and developed lists of traditional publishing companies that may be interested in the book. He sent out multiple packets, including a cover letter, his manuscript, and a self-addressed envelope with postage, and eagerly awaited a response. Not a single publisher replied.

“I had a rude awakening; it wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going to get published. Why? Many publishing houses told me they couldn’t talk to me, they could only deal with an agent,” O’Leary said. “You guessed it—I didn’t have one.”

When O’Leary looked into hiring an agent, he quickly discovered that it would cost more than $10,000 to hire someone to represent him, with no guarantee of results. After multiple disappointments, the enthusiasm of his friends and family began to dwindle.

“With all the rejections, support from those close to me seemed to fade. Everybody laughed and joked that I was such an idiot, that I was wasting my time,” O’Leary said.

Taking Control Through Self-Publishing

Finally, a children’s book author suggested that O’Leary look into self-publishing. He went back to the library to learn all he could about the self-publishing option. After many hours of research, he narrowed down his choices to two companies. The deciding factor for O’Leary was his publishing consultant from AuthorHouse.

“[The publishing consultant] continued in his attempts to contact me until he was successful. He could’ve stopped trying, but he didn’t. He could’ve misinterpreted my lack of response as lack of interest, but nothing would’ve been further from the truth. I was just working and didn’t have access to speak with him,” O’Leary explained.

A Wonderful Experience

Finally, after discussing the process with his consultant, O’Leary was able to take control of the situation, and decided to publish with AuthorHouse. From that point on, his experience getting his first book into print was easier than he ever imagined it could be.

“Never have I had the pleasure of anything running so smoothly from start to finish. Each step along the way, each person from AuthorHouse was extremely professional, courteous, and never allowed me to be overwhelmed,” O’Leary said. “Throughout the entire process, I was involved in every decision.”

Once he had approved the interior design, chosen a book price, and set a royalty, Blackwatch Tactical Force Five was ready to go on the market. For O’Leary, the positive results of his success are numerous. Aside from honoring the memory of his father, who passed away in 1991, O’Leary found that he touched the living with his publishing experience.

“I’ve inspired my children to follow their heart, to find their passion, and to go after it now, as opposed to 18 years from now. I’ve been afforded the opportunity to positively influence a much larger number of people, and have inspired many of them to find their passion and go for it,” he said.

Furthermore, O’Leary is taking his first vacation from work in 18 years and visiting Disney World in September.

“It’s been the greatest learning experience of my life, shared with so many wonderful people (most of them work at AuthorHouse). Life just doesn’t get too much better than this,” he said, “and the best part is, I get to start the whole process again soon with my next book.”

O'Leary Testimonial