After Years of Waiting, Author Publishes His Poetry

Mike Haszto knew he wanted to publish his poetry since he was in college, but he'd set the dream on the backburner. Unsure how to pursue his dreams, he put his publishing goals aside and moved on. Years later, a friend asked him if he'd ever considered publishing. That was the jolt he needed to explore his options.

Haszto publishedhis first book of poetrywith a publishing house that left him yearning for clearer communication and a smoother road to being published.

"After getting that book published through another publisher, I found AuthorHouse through another friend and liked what I discovered," Haszto said.

He published his second book,Pieces of the Heart, with AuthorHouse and found it was exactly what he'd been looking for.

"AuthorHouse set me at ease right away with speaking to their representatives. From the time with speaking with my Publishing Consultant, I was soldon AuthorHouse. All of the opportunities to speak with assistants about questions and such just made me feel more comfortable. As the process continued, I felt as though I wasin the loopand very much a part of the process. I've enjoyed my relationship so much with AuthorHouse," Haszto said.

Haszto went on to publish his next two books, Pieces of the Heart II andRadio Free Mickey, with AuthorHouse.

"AuthorHouse was the best experience by far between the two companies, and now my loyalties are set," Haszto said.

Haszto couldn't be happier about finally being a published author. He has done about a dozen book signings, but hopes to do more.

"Publicity and exposure is the name of the game, and while I have done as much asmy current lifestyle can allow, I've but scratched the surface. With more books coming out, I'll no longer be a rookiewriter, but a writer with multiple titles/books, and that will open more doors as well," he said.

"I'm in a happy place personally. Being able to realize my dream and working with the visions to continue my dream has been a huge success. I've developed contacts in the industry that I never knew existed, and have moved forward with recognition and awards for my poetry. The ride continues so the effects of my success through AuthorHouse will continue to grow," he said.