Lifelong Poet Achieves Success with Self-Publishing

Terri Kirby Erickson wasn’t new to the poetry world when she decided to publish her first collection, Thread Count. Having written poetry since she was ten years old, she studied English literature and communications in college and moved into a diverse career, including radio, magazine, and newspaper writing.

Despite her writing experience, it wasn’t until attending a poetry reading by Rita Dove at Salem College that she decided it was time to write and publish her own collection.

“I was so inspired by her work that I went home and started writing,” Erickson said. “I worked for over a year, writing and compiling poems until I felt sure I had enough to create a collection.”

The Publishing Journey

Once Erickson had crafted a collection she was proud of, she was ready to move forward with creating her book, but had no idea what steps to take to find a publisher that was right for her.

“Without academic connections or previous journal publications, I didn’t think I stood a chance of being published by anyone,” she said.

She began to research her options. Wanting to get her work out quickly and gain some feedback, she found that self-publishing was the best way to get her book published.

“Thankfully, a friend of mine mentioned that he had published three novels with AuthorHouse and had been very pleased with the results,” she said.

Erickson contacted AuthorHouse. She found that her Publishing Consultant was informative and enthusiastic, helping her envision what she could do with self-publishing. She continued to shop the market, but found that no other option suited her like AuthorHouse did.

“I kept coming to AuthorHouse as being the best choice for me, and I’m so glad I did. I couldn’t be more pleased with the process, and with the final product—a beautiful book of poetry, from the front and back covers to the quality of the print and the paper,” she said.

The Joy of Being a Published Author

Erickson was unprepared for the changes that would take place in her life with the publication of her book. The positive response she got from readers was more that she could have hoped for, leaving her pleasantly surprised.

“I expected to have a lovely book to place on my coffee table and for my family to keep. In my wildest dreams, I never expected the success that came with it,” Erickson said.

With her vigorous marketing efforts, including book signings and poetry readings, her book began to sell. She never experienced any problems associated with being a self-published author and promoted her work with confidence. She chose a basic marketing package from AuthorHouse to help her get her work out beyond the scope of her local efforts. She also set up a Web site for readers to visit.

After receiving such a positive response from readers, Erickson began submitting her work to journals and entering contests. Her poetry has been published in numerous publications, and many of her poems have won awards in multiple contests. Her second collection of poems, Telling Tales of Dusk, will be launched in September of 2009.

“Without AuthorHouse and the success I found by publishing with them, I wouldn’t have had the confidence to move forward with my poetry writing career,” she said.