Standard Book Video

A Standard Book Video can help you create and maintain a meaningful presence online in the competitive marketplace. Book Videos are an excellent addition to your press releases, social media sites, and personal Web sites to help your book stand out in the crowd.

By posting your video on social media sites and personal Web sites you can reach a valuable audience of online video viewers and attract potential readers. Video marketing helps you engage your audience on a level they can’t ignore.

With a Standard Book Video, your video will include the following features to help you promote your book online:

  • Creation of a custom-made book video, approximately 45 to 60 seconds in length
  • Storytelling through text and 2-D graphics and images
  • Distribution of your book video on multiple well-known Web sites, such as YouTube
  • Placement of a link to your video in the About the Book section of your book details page in the AuthorHouse Bookstore
  • Web streaming capability and high-quality video downloads
  • Review of your video for TV and film consideration by Thruline Entertainment

Once your video is completed, it will be considered for TV or movie adaption by Thruline Entertainment. If Thruline is interested in working with you, they will directly contact you to explain their plan of action to gauge your interest. If Thruline chooses not to engage with your concept, it will then be entered into our Hollywood Database, where registered entertainment professionals can browse and search for new material to adapt into feature films and television series.