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Imagine what it will feel like to hold that first finished copy of your book in your hand. Have you given any thought to where you might do your first book signing? With Author House, getting from manuscript to book sales is a lot easier and faster than you might think. When you publish with AuthorHouse, you’re working with a company that has more experience helping authors achieve their goals than any other company in the world. Over the years, we’ve helped more than 40,000 authors publish over 50,000 books in every imaginable genre.

The first step for you to be a published author is to select one of our publishing package. Our Publishing Consultants will help you to pick the best package to suit your book. We have hard cover and soft cover, color and children’s, as well as poetry packages available. All of these options include one-on-one author support, custom interior and cover design, as well as an ISBN number. When your book is released, it’s available for order at online book retailers worldwide including Amazon.com and Barnes&Noble.com. And, best of all, you retain all rights to your work.

After you purchase the package, you’ll submit your materials. You’ll be in control over the publishing process and have all of the personal support you need. We’ll assign a design team specifically for your book, and they’ll provide professional advice to help you achieve your vision. You’ll also talk to one of our marketing consultants about which promotional and book selling services make sense for you. Once you’ve approved your book’s design, we’ll send it to our printer, and very soon you’ll be holding your first finished copy.

AuthorHouse provides a wide variety of additional services to help make your book the best it can be. Choose from professional copy editing, promotional and web marketing tools, as well as a full service in-house art studio that can create original illustrations and custom art work.

With AuthorHouse, you don’t have to have an agent, you don’t have to shop your work around for months, or even endure all of those rejection letters, you can get published today. Visit us at our website or call our 800 number. Even if you haven’t finished your manuscript, you can still select a publishing package and submit your materials when you’re ready.

So, start thinking about that book signing, because in a matter of months AuthorHouse will help you get there.

you have purchased Hard Cover Publishing along with the Personalized Back Cover, you have the option of submitting text or images for your dust jacket flaps. Each flap, front and back, can hold up to 150 words. If you send images for you dust jacket flaps, reduce this word count accordingly.

8. My Submission List

Finally, it is a good idea to send us a list of all of the materials we should be expecting from you. Call this document ‘My Submission List’, and be sure it includes your full name and the title of your book. This document will serve as a checklist for us so that we’ll know when we’ve received all of your materials.

If you’re publishing a color or poetry book, or if your book contains images or special formatting concerns such as footnotes, tables, columns of text, or an index, we recommend watching our subject-specific videos on these topics before submitting your materials. If you have any additional submission concerns, you are always welcome to contact us at 1-888-728-8467.

Thanks again for choosing AuthorHouse as your publisher. We look forward to getting started on your book.