John Carvalho on Self-Publishing The Crisis of Our Time with AuthorHouse

The Crisis of Our Time is not just a memoir. It is also an autobiographical discourse. And what I mean by that is that I talk about the various problems that the world is facing today. Things like the spread of infectious diseases, global climate change, economic trouble, and even the psychological stress we feel as human beings trying to find meaning in a world of apparent purposelessness. I learned a lot as a scientist and a scholar, and I felt that this new memoir could be a discussion of these world events but also my philosophical resolutions too, and by publishing it now when all of these problems are going on was a perfect time. And if I had not done that, I would have lost the opportunity to tell the world my story and to help others see our way through some of our present problems.

About six months prior to getting the book published, I started investigating various publishers and seeing what they were doing with their works and how they were interacting with authors. The thing I liked about AuthorHouse is that it appeared to be producing good, quality products, and this book is beautiful. It looks like it belongs at Barnes & Noble, like it belonged at a library, and so I was happy with that. I was really surprised at how fast they actually produced the book. I was on the phone with them daily or weekly, and they really listened to my directions. They took my advice on what it is that I wanted for the artistic cover, how I wanted the font, how I wanted the color of the pages. They took all of my information seriously so at the end of the day, they produced a product that I was very happy with and a lot of my readers are very happy with.