AuthorHouse Profile: C.S. Marks

My name is C.S. Marks, and it stands for Christine Stewart Marks. I’m from Indiana, and I live in the middle of the state forest in Owen County, and the titles of my books are Elfhunter, Fire-Heart, and Ravenshade. They’re classic fantasy, fast-paced. The villain is awesome. It’s about the quest of protagonists to rid the world of him and his quest to rid the world of every elf that lives. Gosh, anybody who lives near me has seen Elfhunter on my car. They’ve seen it on my shirts. This shirt and all others like it have been all over North America and parts of the world, and people stop me on the street and ask me where I got it. That is a very powerful weapon in the arsenal of attracting new readers.

I have about 3,000 readers at present by my estimate, and that’s pretty impressive for an indie. I have expectations of increasing my fan base, writing more books. It’s always about writing the next book anyway and keeping the ones that are out there alive and healthy. They are like children you know. They are like children. They are a product of you, they’re a product of the author, and they have a gestation period, and they have a birth. And then you have a postpartum depression where you just sit around and go, “Now what?” Every time I meet a new reader, it just totally makes my day. Right now, the youngest reader I have is a very, very astute eight-year-old, and the oldest is ninety-two and everybody in between. And when I go to a book signing and see that line of people waiting for me and I am early, and I just get higher than a kite. It’s a great feeling to be able to share your story with as many people as possible who want to go on a journey with you.