How do I submit a book for publishing?


You’ll begin the self publishing process with an in-depth conversation with a Publishing Consultant to discuss your project goals and then choose the services that align with your publishing goals. From copyediting to promotional press releases, you have the flexibility to create a custom project plan for the submission, production and promotion of your book.

You can submit your completed manuscript to us as a hard copy, but we prefer submissions in electronic form (CD, disk or e-mail attachment). Submitting your manuscript in electronic form gives you, the author, more direct control of appearance and content. It is also much less expensive for you than submitting paper copies. In some cases, your manuscript will have to be resized from the margins in your word processing program to fit within your book size. We will take care of this and renumber the pages and table of contents during the book design process.

Three sizes of books are available for black and white printing- 5 x 8 inches, 6 x 9 inches, or 8.25 x 11 inches. Our production staff will work with you to determine the best size for your book. If your book will be available in hardcover (always 6 x 9 inches), your paperback will be formatted as a 6 x 9” as well. The book will be in quality trade paperback and/or hardcover format (your choice), with a full-color, glossy and laminated cover. The interior pages will be printed on high quality paper, and interior images will be black and white, unless you choose our color printing option, which allows for up to 50 color images inside your book. AuthorHouse will design an attractive front cover at no additional cost to you. If you choose to have your own artist to design a front cover for you, we will provide you with design specifications.