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C. S. Marks

Biology and equine science professor C. S. Marks is the author of the Tales of Alterra fantasy trilogy. Her aggressive promotion and marketing efforts propelled her from self-publishing success to a traditional publishing contract.

White Wind, Black Rider

White Wind, Black Rider

Luke Rhinehart

Luke Rhinehart is an internationally-acclaimed, bestselling author. His first book, The Dice Man, is considered one of the most influential novels of the 20th century, and has inspired two movies and four stage plays.

A Heart to Mend

A Heart to Mend

Myne Whitman

Romance writer Myne Whitman is one of Nigeria's most popular contemporary fiction authors, a national award winner, and an Amazon UK bestseller.

Brand Damage

Brand Damage

Larry G. Linne

A thought leader in business strategy and growth, Larry Linne is a best-selling author and the CEO/President of Sitkins International and Intellectual Innovations.

The Fascinating Girl

The Fascinating Girl

Helen Andelin

Writer and guest speaker Helen Andelin was the founder of the Fascinating Womanhood Movement, and the author of the bestseller Fascinating Womanhood.

They Sued for Millions

They Sued for Millions!

Bill Biggar

Bill Biggar is the author of the New York Times bestseller Parents Guide to the Internet and the lawsuit study They Sued for Millions!

Winning is Funner


Bill Gilbert

Bill Gilbert is a former reporter for The Washington Post, the marketing director for the Washington Senators, and the best-selling author of twenty-two books.

From A Name to A Number

From A Name to A Number

Alter Wiener

Holocaust survivor Alter Wiener was a teenager in Poland during the Nazi occupation, survived five labor camps, and is now a guest speaker affiliated with the Oregon Holocaust Resource Center.


(7L) The Seven Levels of Communication

Michael J. Maher

Writer and guest speaker Michael J. Maher, author of The Seven Levels of Communication, turned a Kansas City real estate firm into a multimillion-dollar business in only three years.