Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Writing Against the Grain:
Brian Johnson, An Unlikely Success Story

With a population of a little under 5,000, Moorhead, Mississippi, is a town where dreams are limited. AuthorHouse author Brian Johnson wants to ignite hope opposing the general consensus within his community by showing them that anything is possible, even if opportunities are few and far between.

Initially, Johnson started his writing career by writing suspenseful ministories. He has accumulated over 1,400 Facebook followers who know him best as Swagstar Johnson. His support crew kept assuring him that he had enough talent to write a book. This encouragement spurred Johnson to write his first novel Daddy Why You Do It?

Daddy Why You Do It? is set in Chicago. It follows Rolan, a young boy who endures a great deal of hardship throughout his childhood. He is too young to understand but too smart not to realize that something his father was doing was fallacious.

Most of Johnson’s marketing techniques are centered around his Facebook page where he posts his ministories daily. He has also appeared on his local morning news where he has been able to reach out to his community.

Johnson received so much praise from his first title that he doesn’t want to let his fans down by stopping there. He has “many more to come.” The only thing Johnson can tell us is that each epic book will leave his readers with their mouths wide open, craving for more.

When asked about his experience with AuthorHouse, Johnson had this to say, “I would recommend AuthorHouse to future upcoming authors. They were good about keeping in contact with you and making sure you were on track. They were also fast about putting your work out there. They are professional about their craft. I look forward to working with them in the near future.”

For all the aspiring authors out there, Johnson writing ethos is to take everyday situations and make a story out of them, whether it’s dealing with relationship problems, struggles, pain, guilt or betrayal. “Reach your fans through your heart and everything else will follow.”

Johnson believes he is most definitely a force to be reckoned within the book industry. In his words, what makes him stand out most is that his fans know he’s just getting started; he is passionately imaginative about reaching people and is driven by an aspiration to be one of the greatest authors of all time.