Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Victoria Nolan is a Published Author at Nine Years Old

Yes, you read it right, Victoria Nolan is just nine years old and she has already written, illustrated, and published her first book. Published through AuthorHouse in January this year, it is a forty-eight-page tale about the last human survivors in the battle between mortals and the gods. Led by Daryous, these last remaining humans must destroy the giant created by the gods to wipe them out. This monster is called Prodomon.

Parental Support Helps Young Writers “Reach for the Stars”

Victoria Nolan (Vicki to her friends and family) is an extremely creative youngster and is fortunate to have devotedly supportive parents. When Vicki’s friends and teacher suggested she publish Prodomon, Bringer of Fear, her mother, Taraella Nolan, was fully behind the idea. Mrs. Nolan’s advice to parents of other young writers who want to become young authors is, “Do it. If your child comes to you and wants to publish a book, give it a try. You never know where it can lead. My philosophy has always been to support Vicki no matter what it is she wants. I have always told her she can be anything. Kids just need their parents support to reach for the stars.”

Where Did the Inspiration for Prodomon, Bringer of Fear come from?

Vickie started writing her book when she was in the third grade. She came up with the name, Prodomon, based on her storyline and the fact that he was created by Vicki’s god of science, Hypaneous.

“I was trying to come up with a godlike name. My papa and I came up with it together.”

Her friends loved reading it and encouraged her to finish the story. She also received a great deal of support from her teacher, to whom she has dedicated her book. So what do they think now that it has been published and of Vicki being a published author?

“They think it is so cool. They all love the book.”

Multitalented in Multiple Disciplines

The only difficulty Vicki had in writing and illustrating her own book was the time it took away from her first love of skating. Vicki dreams of becoming a professional skater when she is older, and she didn’t want writing to become an obstacle to that goal. Her parents soon convinced her she can be both a skater and an author.

Did she enjoy her book project as much as she does her skating? Vicki says, “I would say yes. It is a different challenge.” And it was truly her own project, with very little creative input from her parents.

“We really didn't give her advice. Whenever she got stuck on something, we would talk about it and she would figure it out pretty much on her own. Sometimes she just needed to step back and look at it from a different angle. We just kept telling her that she can do anything she puts her mind to,” explained Mrs. Nolan.

How to Market Your Book from the Outset

Vicki’s friends and family love Prodomon, Bringer of Fear. This support encouraged the Nolans to organize a book signing at Book Connection in early March, just over one month after her book’s release. The event was an outstanding success, and Vicki was a hit.

“Lots of people showed up. We sold out of books in 1 1/2 hours, and the owner had to start taking orders. We had drinks and cookies for people. I took lots of pictures with people and answered questions. I did a lot of autographs and had a blast.”

Vicki is also promoting her book with its own Facebook fan page where readers can find out more about the book and promotions that are going on.

An Author for Life?

So has the writing bug stuck with Vicki, or has she achieved her goal now that she is a published author? Fortunately she is hooked! Vicki is already working on her second book, The Curse of the Two-Headed Diseased Dragon Fish. She is taking her time, however, as this is an even bigger project on a grander scale. She says it should be finished “within a year or so.” Vicky adds, “I don't want to rush it and I would like to make this book a little bigger with more chapters than the last one.”

The Family’s AuthorHouse Publishing Experience

Vicki’s mother was the main worker with AuthorHouse in the production of Prodomon, Bringer of Fear. She had this to say about her experience working with AuthorHouse: “I thoroughly enjoyed it and have frequently recommended AuthorHouse to people.”

A New Wave of Authors Augurs a Bright Literary Future

Victoria Nolan is a pioneer sparking a new trend within the writing world. The increasing numbers of young writers taking advantage of the opportunities self-publishing provides i s visibly increasing. The obstacles that for so long impeded youngsters, including Hans Christian Andersen, from pursuing writing as a career have been removed and will hopefully unearth more and more literary talent.