Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

AuthorHouse-Published Author, V. J. Waks, Talks About Her Multi-Award-Winning TAU4 Sci-Fi Series and the Next Generation of Book Marketing

TAU4. . . continues to reap overwhelmingly positive reviews from readers,” says V. J. Waks as she talks to AuthorHouse about her San Francisco and New England Book Award-winning series and how she continues to adjust her marketing strategy based on the latest industry trends.

Fans have now followed Gerda Tau through the first two books in the TAU4 series, the sequel HAMMERSPACE having been released just over a year ago. We have joined the “perfect killing machine” in her struggle for freedom from a distant planet called Homeworld Alliance, during her incarceration on Aldair’s prison moon and returned with her to Sephis in an attempt to save the fates of the Homeworlds and the Out Worlds.

We now anxiously await Gerda Tau’s return in the third instalment of the TAU4 series which, AuthorHouse is happy to confirm, is currently being written. We asked V. J. Waks about how she intends to market the newest book in the series and what lies in store for her fans.

The Most Enjoyable Method for Marketing a Book

V. J. Waks is a devoted book convention participant. She attended the 2011 Los Angeles Science Fiction Convention (LOSCON 38) last November, where she greeted lucky fans with a warm welcome and tantalized them with a teaser for the third book in the TAU4 series.

Ms. Waks has historically focused on spreading the word about her work at book conventions. Today we ask her about the latest trends she is using to market her books.

The Next Generation Platform to Market Your Book

“...hard copy sales will continue to drop until the digital platforms are fully established,” says Waks.

She believes that even though having TAU4 and HAMMERSPACE available on Kindle might mean a drop in hard cover sales, embracing popular new digital formats allows the word to “spread faster about your work.”

Waks stresses that every responsible self published author must capitalize on prevailing industry trends to reach their audience. She insists that as an author you should know exactly what benefits “you expect to reap” when you review what self publishers, such as AuthorHouse, are offering in their services.

“I remind new authors to remain flexible, to see how the publishing world is evolving right before our eyes. There are many doors closing for new authors, but just as many opening up.”

The Key to Self Publishing Responsibly

Waks advises that once you have identified exactly what you want from self publishing and how best to achieve it, you need to formulate a plan before taking another step. It’s important not rush into anything and make sure your book is absolutely ready before you proceed.

“Be explicit and responsible; that book is yours and you, not the publisher, will be judged on it.”

Visit V. J. Waks at Her Next Book Convention

This book conference devotee happily invites her fellow AuthorHouse published authors to visit her at any future book conference. You can check her website,, for her book event schedule.