Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Martha Dixon
The stirring account of Martha Dixon’s life told in her new novel, Triumph Beyond Measure

“Martha Dixon is wonderful, wise, gifted, and tough—an amazing woman with an awe-inspiring story. This is a book any person of any age will learn from and enjoy. After you read it, you'll find it harder to feel sorry for yourself, easier to get on with your life and go after your dreams and impossible not to be grateful that Martha shared her story with you. She has been a blessing to Hillary and me, and she will be to you.”

These are the words that former United States President William Jefferson “Bill” Clinton had for close family friend Martha Dixon about her book, Triumph Beyond Measure. In this compelling autobiography, Martha Dixon writes about her hardships early in life and her staunch refusal to let the sorrowful conditions around her dictate how she lived. From abject poverty to becoming the dress designer to the former First Lady of the United States and current United States Secretary of State, Martha Dixon’s story is not simply about success. It is a true story about overcoming circumstances and reaching for the stars no matter how high they are. “They said you need to crawl before you can walk,” writes Ms. Dixon. “But I didn’t want to walk. Nor did I want to run. I wanted to fly.”

A lifelong resident of Clark County, Arkansas, Martha Dixon is one of twenty siblings born and raised in the cotton fields of rural Arkansas. She finished her degree in fashion and design from the Commercial Technical Institute in Little Falls, New Jersey. Martha Dixon first gained international recognition for designing high fashion dresses for former First Lady Hillary Clinton in the late eighties and nineties. Before she met Clinton, Dixon tried to get her dresses carried by several local couture boutique stores, only to be turned down numerous times. That changed dramatically when Hillary, then the First Lady of Arkansas, saw a few Dixon-designed dresses and fell in love with them. Clinton sought out Dixon and asked her to design for her. Dixon would later design Clinton’s dresses, including her 1986–87 Arkansas gubernatorial inaugural ball gown and her 1992–93 presidential gala ball gown. She formed a deep friendship with the Clinton family, which remains strong even to this day.

Later on, she would find success as a fashion entrepreneur. Never settling for anything less, Dixon founded Martha’s Fashion and Design, Dixon Manufacturing, and Dixon Kids. Apart from her successful ventures, Dixon was also chosen to design and produce school uniforms for school districts across the country. Her contributions to fashion and her community didn’t go unnoticed. Dixon was recognized as one of the Top 100 Women of Arkansas by the Arkansas Business Magazine and is the recipient of numerous awards for her entrepreneurship, political work, and community service. In 2005, Dixon was inducted into the Arkansas Black Hall of Fame and, in July 2011, was recognized and presented with the Fashion Icon Award during Little Rock Fashion Week’s Posh Expression Fashion Experience.

At 65, Dixon began a new journey, penning the story of her life and triumphs. Her book, Triumph Beyond Measure, was released last July 2011 and is now available through her website or through the AuthorHouse bookstore. Inspirational, motivational, and steeped in lessons learned through experience, Triumph Beyond Measure is Dixon’s latest creation, cut and sewn with all her heart and soul.