Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

John Robert Allen on the Importance of Getting the Past Right

AuthorHouse author John Robert Allen has indeed made an impact in the literary scene when he self-published his first book, the critically acclaimed The House of Many Windows. It is a riveting tale that follows the story of Wallace Paine—from his journey to becoming a millionaire to his sudden death in the 1918 influenza epidemic.

In response to his readers’ desire to know more, John wrote and published a sequel: The Spirit of Wallace Paine, which took him a year and half to research, write, and publish.

The second book is set in the same period as the first: the Roaring Twenties. After her husband’s unexpected death, Eveline Paine becomes the recipient of his estate and in turn, a number of challenges and problems. The book reveals her nature as a “flapper”, banking on her experiences and training to move up the ladder in the business world.

Allen was a history major in college, which explains his penchant for past events and historical fiction. Now retired, he has worked as an educator for 30 years before becoming a coordinator for various book clubs, book signings, and literary workshops. He has been interviewed on the Stu Taylor Radio Show, and his first novel has appeared in the New York Times Book Review section and had been subsequently sent to Hollywood for movie consideration.

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