Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

Breakaway: Getting Free from a Life of Manipulation and Abuse

Emotional manipulation occurs when one uses insidious or menacing means to control another person in order to gain advantage for themselves. It usually starts out subtly, in such a way that the victim will not even suspect any problem at all.

However, as time progresses, the tactics of the manipulator become more outright and, more often than not, physically abusive. Despite this, such abusive tactics tend to give rise to feelings of codependence for the manipulator, so much so that the victim feels too frightened to break free.

AuthorHouse author Marvela Dawnay is no stranger to this fear. Whilst going through her third divorce to Rolf, she found it hard to believe that Rolf had been able to manipulate her back into a relationship of abuse for the third time. It was then that Dawnay began to realize she had been manipulated into fear by a psychopath, and that there was always a pattern.

There are masses of women in all corners of the globe suffering the same ill-treatment as Dawnay—who also paralyzed with the fear of speaking out. Dawnay was inspired to write her book MANipulated Into Fear as she felt the need to share her story with others that may have been or who were going through the same ordeal she had endured. With the support from her friends and family, Joel Osteen’s words, Oprah Winfrey’s intuition, and Dr. Phil’s expertise, Dawnay found the strength and determination to write her successful book.

When Dawnay found what was needed to recognize to counter the cycle of abuse, she subsequently penned her story, MANipulated Into Fear, which rightfully deserves the praise it has received.

The hype surrounding MANipulated Into Fear would not have come about had it not been for the myriad of marketing strategies used by Dawnay: speaking at women’s groups to let them know about her book, as well as having copies available for purchase, putting up her website, handing out MANipulated Into Fear business cards and letting these people know that her book is about mental and physical abuse (which often begets similar stories of their own), giving away books to libraries in order for people to read and recommend to others, and visiting local bookstores in the hope they will stock her book. On top of this, she has also created MANipulated Into Fear pages on Facebook and Twitter.

With a ForeWord Clarion five-star review, Dawnay is overjoyed at the encouragement she has received, not only for herself, but to fulfill her desire of helping those in similar situations.

Many readers are continually asking Dawnay about her current situation in relation to Rolf and whether she has broken free for good this time. Inevitably, it inspired Dawnay to start writing again.

The AuthorHouse community should feel privileged to know that Dawnay was kind enough to give us a sneak preview of her second book, White Roses in a Dream. The initial chapters will be a sequel to MANipulated Into Fear, and the concluding chapters will change from nonfiction into fiction since “when one continues to live in fear, they must dream.”

Dawnay, who is pleased with the outcome of her literary endeavor, extends this advice to aspiring authors, “Self-publishing is an investment in a product that you wish for readers to read. You have put a lot of time and effort into your book as if it were a business. Like with everything in life, you get what you pay for, and if you want excellent customer service and a great product, seek AuthorHouse for publishing. I had four companies that stated they would publish my book. My final decision was made when two authors in my area had published with AuthorHouse and were greatly satisfied.”

“If there is something that you want to write about, write it, especially if your story will relate to others and/or help them”

—Marvela Dawnay