Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

The Secrets to Jana Petken’s Success

Jana Petken is an author who needs little introduction, with her book, The Guardian of Secrets and Her Deathly Pact, having been lauded by the Kirkus Indie Reviews and included on numerous Goodreads lists. But just in case, Petken is a Scottish writer who has spent most of her life in Spain. She found her love for writing after drawing from her experiences in the military and enjoys exploring the after-effects of conflicts on populations.

While The Guardian of Secrets draws heavily from history, including Petken’s own transition from her homeland to Spain, it is indeed a work of fiction. It follows couple Celia and Ernesto, who must contend with their two children walking different paths—one going to the church, and the other going to war.

Petken’s book will be featured at the prestigious London Book Fair later this year, a testament to just how much potential this novel has. Expect to see more of Jana Petken as she has future novels and other projects lined up.

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