Author Spotlight

Author Spotlight

From Fantasy Bookworm to Published Author

At age fifteen, high school sophomore Ashley Moffett already has a self-published book under her belt. The Orphans, a fantasy-adventure novel for all ages, was born out of Ashley’s decision to create something different from the “usual entertainment choices” she was surrounded in day after day.

The book follows three abandoned orphans in New York who find themselves thrown together and, in the process, bring together three separate worlds. They discover a country riddled with spell-casting elves, warmongering Cyclops, hidden kingdoms, stolen thrones, and centuries of war. And as they become entangled in an age-old conflict against inequality and prejudice, they discover that in the end their humanity is the only thing that will hold them together.

Not content with just writing a novel, Ashley recently participated in the Screen PitchFest in Las Vegas, where she had the opportunity to pitch her book to Hollywood representatives in hopes of her novel being adapted into a feature film.

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