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What You Need to Know


Is Your Manuscript Ready? Tips for Fast & Easy Publication

If you're ready to publish your manuscript, this video will help you check for some common problems that could potentially delay your book's production.



A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using Images to Bring Your Book to Life

Images are a great way to make your book more attractive to readers, but there are very specific guidelines you should know before submitting any images for publication.


Self-Publishing Submission Checklist

AuthorHouse Submission Checklist

When you're ready to submit your manuscript for publication, this video will tell you everything AuthorHouse needs in order to create your book's cover and interior.


What's next?  Manuscript Submission

Submitting Your Materials: What Happens Next?

Learn how to submit your manuscript and any accompanying materials in this instructional video from AuthorHouse. Also learn what happens after you've submitted your materials in a step-by-step overview of the publishing process.


Self-Publish Poetry

Poetry Books: Guidelines & Design Options

If you are publishing a poetry book, this tutorial from AuthorHouse will show you how to check for problems common to poetry manuscripts. You'll also learn about some layout and design options for poetry publishing.


Submission Mistakes

The Top 5 Submission Mistakes: How You Can Avoid Them

When you're ready to publish your book, here are 5 important things to look for in your manuscript and its accompanying materials. Catching these errors ahead of time will help your book's production go as quickly and smoothly as possible.


Cover Design

5 Tips for a Successful Cover Design

The cover of your book is important because it’s the first thing a reader sees. You’ll want it to have a design that grabs their attention and portrays an accurate idea of what your book is about.


Print PDF

Submitting a Print-Ready PDF for a Black & White Book

Learn how tosubmit a print-ready PDF for a black & white bookby watching this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Helpful Tutorials

Image Size & Resolution

How to Check Image Size & Resolution

When submitting images for publication, it is very important that they be a suitable size and resolution. Learn how to check your image properties in this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Merging Files

How to Merge Files

Learn how to merge text files in this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Create Tables

How to Create Tables

Learn how to create tables in your manuscript by watching this brief tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Creating Footnotes

How to Create Footnotes

Learn how to create footnotes in your manuscript in this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Create Text Columns

How to Create Columns of Text

Learn how to create columns of text in your manuscript by watching this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.


Creating an Index

How to Create an Index

Learn how to create an index in Microsoft Word by watching this short tutorial from AuthorHouse.