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Avoiding Children’s Book Clichés

AuthorHouse Editorial Service Coordinator, Joel Pierson, discusses writing an original children's book.

Chick Lit

There's much to learn about writing for this interesting and modern genre. Read to find out more about what makes chick lit unique.

Children's Stories

Children's books may be different than you remember. Learn how to write and market a book in the dynamic children's book industry.

Historical Fiction

Writing and researching a historical fiction work is a huge undertaking. Check out our tips for writing and marketing a successful historical fiction.


Learn how to define and target the market that you hope to reach with your poetry in a challenging and diverse marketplace.

Science Fiction

Sci-fi is one of the most imaginative and expansive genres in fiction. Our tips will help you create your own galaxies, alien races, and adventures--and share them with readers!

Short Stories

Short stories are unique when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing. Learn how to make the most of your resources.