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Getting Your Book Into the Right Hands by Identifying Your Target Audience

More and more book titles are being published every year. This is great news for writers and readers alike. More writers are becoming published authors and readers can choose from a bigger selection than ever before. It’s an ideal situation. Or is it?

A question every author must now ask themselves is, "How do I get my book noticed?" With so many titles out there, how do you make sure your book is reaching the right book buyers? One very effective way is to identify your target audience and focus your marketing efforts solely on them. Here’s how.

  1. Graphics

    Yes, an attractive book cover will encourage readers to pick it up. That’s a great first step to selling your book. Here are two more types of graphics that you may not have thought about.

    Demographics. Work out basic information about your readers. How old are they, are they male or female, are they married and how much do they earn?

    Psychographics. What is your reader’s personality, their interests, what kind of lifestyle do they lead?

    Use this information to work out the best way to grab their attention.

  2. Motivation

    Recreate your book buyer’s lifestyle. Dine at the same restaurants, read their favourite publications and visit their bookmarked websites. You already knew who your ideal book buyer is, now you know what they want.

  3. Communication

    You know what your ideal reader is looking for and what they want to hear, so deliver it to them specifically, consistently, at the right time and in the right place.

    You have identified your target audience and know how you can make your book stand out from the crowd. Make your book speak to them directly through strategic placement and focusing your marketing energies on them. Create a cost effective marketing plan that will provide optimum sales returns.

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