Zionism vs. the West

How Talmudic Ideology is Undermining Western Culture
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  • Published: April 2018
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  • Pages: 472
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  • ISBN: 9781546224617
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A person can be brought into bondage in two different ways: by force or by his own will. Force is a crude way of bringing a person into submission, but using the person’s own free will can be done sophistically and covertly. Under the banner of “democracy” and “freedom,” America has been under the bondage of what E. Michael Jones has aptly called “sexual liberation and political control” for over fifty years. In the first two volumes of the trilogy, Alexis explored these ideological themes. In this last volume, he expands on some of those pernicious ideas, emphasizing how Zionism, for over sixty years, has shaken the moral, philosophical, and intellectual foundation of much of Western culture. The Iraq War alone will cost America at least six trillion dollars, and as if to prove that America is still in bondage, the oppressors continue to use sophisticated means to seduce Americans so that perpetual wars will never cease to exist in the Middle East and in much of the world. This book will seek to address these and related issues and, in the process, tell us something about the fundamental nature of reality and how to approach this cosmic conflict, which has dominated the West for over a thousand years.

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