Geniuses II

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The cosmos is vast—infinite and incomprehensible. Trillions of galaxies, sextillions of stars, and countless planets, moons, and asteroids all spiral in space, not caring about or noticing what is happening on Earth. But for those living on the planet, a momentous battle prophesied more than fifteen centuries ago by the wizard Merlin is about to begin. Roger Reynolds is one of a small group of super Geniuses who have secretly been influencing the world. He recently defeated a very powerful evil Genius determined to kill him and his beloved wife and daughter, and rule the world. He hoped this victory had ended the threats against his family prophesied by Merlin. But now Roger is being plagued by nightmares and attacked by people whose brains are controlled by an unknown enemy. Roger senses a terrible menace is approaching. Only time will tell whether he is strong enough to protect his family and the world from the coming evil. Merlin’s sixth-century prophecy unfolds as Roger battles an immensely powerful evil Genius.

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