The Soul of a Single Parent

How to Snapback and Get Your SWAG On
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The “The Soul of a Single Parent” is a candid, up-close-and-personal perspective of my journey as a single parent. It is written from a single mom’s perspective. This is not to discount, disregard or discredit the many single fathers who also single-handedly choose to “do the right thing” every day. Each chapter is but a glimpse of the journey into the soul of a single parent. Unless you are truly a single parent, don’t judge me until you have walked at least a mile in my shoes or spent a whole day - no scratch that - a whole week, in the life of a single parent. If you are a single parent, I hope you enjoy this literary journey with me. Feel free to laugh (with me, not at me) as you read through the pages. Go ahead, sit down and shed a tear of joy (or pain) with me as I share my world with you. More importantly, I pray that you gain further insight and purpose as to your divine role as a single parent. Each chapter starts with my perspective or a short snippet of “coming from where I’m from”, then digs deeper to further share “my truth or turning point” of my single parent journey. Are you ready to snapback from single parent paralysis? Is it time to get your SWAG on? If so, then let’s begin!

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