Let the Rain Fall

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     It was the summer of 1943, and I was
just seventeen years old. I had lived here, in
Summerville, South Carolina, for my whole life. I
was an only child, and my parents had been wealthy
for as long as I could remember. Th ey had what
was called “old Southern money,” and it just kept
on coming for them. I was soon to fi nish high school
and attend a fi nishing school, and my parents were
doing all they could to arrange a future marriage
with someone fr om a family equally as wealthy as
they were…

     Thus begins the story of Katherine, who has
her world turned upside down when she meets
the new boy in town, William Brenner. Will,
with his calm assuredness and unwavering faith,
is unlike any person Katherine has ever known.
Unfortunately for her, he does not fi t the
Kensington family ideal of the wealthy, socially
elite young man they desire for their daughter.
As the two fall in love and begin planning
their future together, Katherine’s parents do all
that they can to keep the two apart, including
introducing Katherine to Richard Wellington,
their prime candidate for their daughter’s heart.
When confronted with a series of unexpected
and unfortunate circumstances, Katherine’s
heart is tested in ways she never thought possible
as she wrestles with whether or not to hope when
all she holds dear seems lost.

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