Thumbs Up "V" for Victory, I Love You

"V" for Victory, I Love You
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Thumbs Up, V for Victory, I Love You chronicles a special time, from the early 1940’s through the mid-50’s. It reveals how people moved forward in a world in tumult, and the payoff they received having survived it. It’s about a handful of kids who because they were in the right place at the right time were provided an education well above the norms of the day. It reflects the melodrama that is real life, when young and old lived each day to the fullest while making the most of what they had. It’s an oral history that tells how the wonders of discovery, communication, education and the opposite sex changed an impressionable boy into a determined young man. A period that has not been afforded the coverage it deserves, Thumbs Up, V for Victory, I Love You reveals a softer time, but one no less significant or singular than any other.

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