The Janissary

The Final Conflict
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  • Published: January 2009
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“The King shall lose both head and crown…”


In The Peasant War, the first book of this amazing trilogy, the ancient prophecy came to pass, as an army of serfs and janissaries overthrew the corrupt dynasty.  Janissary General Dmitry Konchak is now an unlikely hero of the Revolution -- a military genius who is squeamish and faints at the sight of blood, an effeminate drunkard, an outsider among the political elite, the so-called “New People” whom he helped bring to power.


In the second book, The New People In Power, Field Marshal Konchak fights to reunite the empire and re-conquer breakaway regions, including his own native province.  In the village where he was born, the janissary comes face to face with his own past, as an ancient Oracle foretells a ghastly future.


In The Final Conflict, the third book of The Janissary trilogy, Konchak must save the empire which he himself forged, against its fiercest and most determined foe.  As war wages on, neither enemy atrocities, nor assassinations, nor relentless power struggles within the ruling elite can deter Konchak from pursuing his personal destiny.  The ancient gods, original inhabitants of this planet, for many generations trapped within a mountain, have decreed a unique fate for the janissary.  But first he must settle scores with the man who betrayed him, and face the horrific loss of a beloved friend.


In this satisfying finale, all the threads of the complex story come full circle to a final resolution:  A missing letter from an old printing press; a message that travels across the continent only to be returned as “Undeliverable”; fragments of encrypted files used to catch a spy:  all the mysteries are finally solved, concluding this epic story of revolution, war, friendship, love, and betrayal.


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