The Man From Hardin

  • Also available as: Perfect Bound Softcover
  • Published: May 2002
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 292
  • Size: E-Book
  • ISBN: 9781403304247
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It is the end of old times, and the start of new ones. It is an exodus from previous stagnation, to a life of infinite revelations. It is the first chapter for a young man, and the last moment in a child's imagination. It is the first step in a long career for Alack Troyus, a career that will take him to vistas only the stellar privileged are permitted to gaze upon. Join us in his onward trek to become an agent of the special services. Follow his antics, his triumphs and tragedies along the road of life's experiences. Guided by a master puppeteer, who secretly places in Alack his own salvation, both come to learn from another. Both achieve that rare balance that draws an aspiring hero from the muck of society.

Against the vast panorama of the Amazian Imperium, who's arms touch the four corners of the known universe, Alack is molded and sharpened to up hold the Code of Dwitinton. A great legal compendium that grants freedom to human and alien alike, Alack Troyus joins the secret army of enforcers. An army that fights evil in the darkness so the light can shine brightly forever!

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