An Eternal Love-Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries

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  • Published: May 2004
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 340
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9780759679887
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An Eternal Love Letter to the Girls of Freakie Fries is a book about a letter that Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese wrote.

Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese is a name that I give to that part of me from 1972/73, when I was nineteen, that came back to my forefront mind  in 1987/88 and has been with me ever since. Actually, I go by the name of Joseph Morgese and I am, at this writing, a forty-seven year old truck-driver.

In this letter, I have something worth sharing with the reader. It is a meditation technique that I received from using a certain gizmo called ‘The Magnetic Pendulum’ , which, I think, has allowed me to communicate with Spirits from whom I received this. Having enjoyed meditation and various other spiritual practices for twenty five years now, I feel qualified to say that the knowledge that I received shows great promise.

But, even more than this, this letter is a testimonial to something supernatural that has been going on now since some time. I call it ‘God’s Algorithm’ because, like an algorithm for a computer program, it makes me do things that I wouldn’t ordinarily do, and from it so far, I have drawn up a design for ‘God’s Perpetual Motion See-Saw’, and various other tid-bits all of which you may see if you visit my web-site at and now, this meditation technique.

May this meditation technique bring the entire world to supreme enlightenment!

Thank You
Sincerely and Lovingly
Don Jyovi Saraswati Di Morgese

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