Fritz and Annie Lippe Family

German Cotton Farmers in Early 1900s Texas--Washington, Mills, Hamilton, and Tom Green Counties
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  • Published: July 2009
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  • ISBN: 9781449008499
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Fritz and Annie Lippe Family--German Cotton Farmers in Early 1900s Texas describes the childhood of Fritz and Annie beside the Brazos River in east Texas, their families' move west, their courtship and marriage, and the rearing of their eleven children on rented farms. In some years, the cotton crop was profitable. In other years, drought, boll weevils, or floods destroyed the crop. The children missed the first few weeks of school in the fall because picking the cotton took priority over education. The family raised most of their own food--vegetables from the garden; hogs for meat, lard, and soap; cattle for meat, milk and butter; and chickens for meat and eggs. They grew corn, grinding it into cornmeal to make bread. Money from the cotton sale was used to buy the few items that were not made or grown, such as coffee, sugar, and farm tools. Their many narrow escapes from death due to accidents, injuries, and illnesses are described here. It is amazing that all of the children lived to adulthood. Annie almost died after giving birth to one of the younger children, but she recovered and lived to the age of 103. Every Lippe son and son-in-law served in the military, some of them during World War II, some in combat. All returned safely. Several grandchildren and their spouses also served. Eight of the eleven children and the wives of two deceased sons contributed photographs and stories of life on the family farms. The author inherited many letters and photos from her mother, who was Fritz and Annie's eldest daughter. The book also contains stories of Fritz and Annie's children as adults. They all became hardworking solid citizens and remained true to the faith in God instilled in them by their parents.

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