The Sagas of Dxaan Lere

  • Published: June 2009
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 340
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781438954417
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Oaran and Sicajes joined a desert caravan lead by T’liquii. During the journey, Dxaan their son is born. Growing up in Venthele, curiosity leads him to the market place where he meets N’tres, member of Lord Zorid’s Inner Circle and a Dragon Keeper. After learning from N’tres of the library beneath Dragon Keep and the secrets held there, Dxaan unknowingly finds himself coerced in taking the first steps onto a path he was destined to walk.


Returning to Ipils Caltren where Elogan, his maternal grandfather is gravely ill past enemies intercede and Dxaan’s life is changed forever. Estranged and alone he ventures out in search for his mother. Silvermane his mother’s kinsman stumbles upon him at the edge of the frozen lake. It is here that Dxaan acquires his staff, Es’lonn. Together they encounter the benevolent mammoth-like Drethuns.


Assisted by the Drethuns with their heightened senses and telepathy, they journey to Ice Walk, home of the Highlanders. Dxaan remains and after learning of Silvermane’s demise and believing Sicajes to be lost, he returns to Ipils Caltren when Elogan dies. Introduced to Na’an the daughter he never knew, Dxaan joins her and returns to the desert. Caught in the shifting sands of a sinkhole he finds himself wandering through caverns.


Reaching the sea, he is taken by pirates aboard their ship and reunited with N’tres their captain. With a self-imposed exile for atrocities committed years earlier, she aids him in his unrealized quest by taking him to Dragon Keep where he ultimately encounters the Oracle. With renewed faith and the answers, he sought Dxaan sets into motion a series of events filled with greater     danger than those he seeks to destroy. Assisted by past associations and endearing new ones Dxaan must now prove himself…to the world of Lons Gladin…and ultimately…himself.

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