The Legendary Journeys
  • Also available as: Casebound Hardcover, E-Book
  • Published: January 2019
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 678
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781546277576
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This is the exciting fourth volume of Jay P. Newcomb’s epic, Visigothic Saga. In book three, Adawulf Hister, the tyrannical sorcerer of Dakkia, had engineered the kidnapping (by the centaurs and the satyrs) of the four-year-old leprechaun child Liam O’Hurleyhune and imprisoned him in Mandraki Castle on Cyclops Island in the far-off Hellene Sea. Also taken was the faun woman Amberwose and her five-year-old faunling Rockwose. Hister demands that in exchange for the lives of the hostages, Molly O’Hurleyhune travel to Cyclops Island and hand over to his servants the Heart of the Sea, which is the all-important eighth piece of the All-Seeing Eye—a powerful device of magic, which, if Hister is able to reassemble, will spell disaster for the world. With the All-Seeing Eye in place in his new Tower of Babel, Hister hopes to accomplish his evil scheme of bringing about the Gotterdammerung (twilight of the gods) and his conquest of all Midgard! But the forces of good have risen to the challenge and have assembled a force of gallant knights, the Knights of Víðarr (Vitharr). This new order of knights are aptly named—named after the angel of vengeance from Asgard called Víðarr; for Queen Gwynnalyn Volsungsdottir (who is the grandmaster of the Order of the Knights of Víðarr) has vowed an oath of revenge against the sorcerer and his minions who’ve committed this outrage. But it is a race against time for the gallant knights on their legendary journey. They must travel thousands of miles o’er land and sea and, along the way, fight off barbarians, confront King Minus of the Cyclopses, as well an evil sea dragon in order to save the hostages—before Hister has them cruelly executed! Meanwhile, King Sigurd will take the Tervingian Army and all his thanes on a legendary journey of their own to strike at the minions of the dark powers within their own territory. To do this, he must traverse a vast forest called Myrkvidr, which is the haunt of a wicked dragon named Fafnir. Sigurd must confront Fafnir in a life-or-death battle for the survival of him and his army. The elves, too, have their own legendary journeys to accomplish, and the soul of the world is hanging in the balance.

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