Seven Doors for Charlotte

  • Also available as: Casebound Hardcover, E-Book
  • Published: April 2018
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 646
  • Size: 6x9
  • ISBN: 9781546235330
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Seven Doors for Charlotte is a work of fiction, and the subject matter surrounding this book becomes entirely apparent to those who read it. The events, which occur throughout the book, takes place in a self-willed town just outside Lake Charles, Louisiana. The name of this little town is Twin Rivers, Louisiana. These events are of catastrophic magnitudes. Remember, this isn’t a real story. Please don’t perceive this story and its contents to be true. Charlotte must, however, overcome numerous obstacles within the house, which will eventually start changing the unique characteristics about her. Charlotte’s grandma, Irene, raised Charlotte from a very early age. Charlotte was six months old when her parents died. Irene cherished Charlotte up until the day of her mortality. Charlotte is now eighteen years old. She’s bright, brilliant, and beautiful, but she’s also turning into something else. By reading this book, you’ll have to make those assumptions on your own. After her grandma, Irene, passes away, Charlotte now feels all alone and has no one else to call family. She has to remember every aspect of her life growing up while under the supervision of her grandma. There is a sufficient volume of memories that are blurry to her, but Charlotte is determined to remember regardless of how foggy they are. She has to use every available resource to her to discover the meaning of them. She’s now forced to deal with the loneliness, which is going to be arduous for her. Charlotte has never been in this type of disarray before. She has numerous friends that she attends school with at Herbert High School, and they adore her and trust her with their whole hearts. They each begin noticing to some degree that Charlotte is evolving into a monster unlike anything they have ever seen. They one by one start to abandon her. Her heart becomes broken into tiny little bits, and possibly beyond repair. They, at first, will attempt to do everything humanly and spiritually possible to eradicate the evilness coursing throughout her veins. They’ll soon encounter these beings living in the house and upon the land. The girl they all love finds loneliness isn’t an option anymore. Charlotte has instructed her new family never to bring about any harm to her friends, or they would be sorry. At some point, she’ll have to make the ultimate decision to prohibit them from departing from her land. Charlotte loves them genuinely and only hopes they’ll join with her and her new family and become a small army to wipe out the wicked, but Charlotte can make that determination for herself. She gives them money, gifts, sexual mates, drugs, and above all, her loyalty to them as well as their devotion to her, and her new family. It’s going to be very challenging for Charlotte. Her friends stand firm and are stronger than she ever thought, and when they come together as one, she realizes their bond to one another is powerful, and they begin fighting for their freedom. While reading this book, you’ll discover Charlotte starts to unleash her new friends who are loyal to her and her alone. She will also uncover a dark secret about her mother, and she is devastated by it. I promise to be brief regarding the introduction of this book so you can start taking your own personal journey to the place we call hell.

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