CIA Tiger Shadow Assassination Association

Assassination Instruction
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  • Published: August 2017
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 644
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  • ISBN: 9781546200376
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In the past, the Secret Service have deployed on numerous missions designed for assassination purposes. Usually, this calls for the cooperation of foreign diplomats, such as the Special Operations Department of Great Britain. Usually, the administration of drugs and other chemicals are for hypnosis, isolation, deprivation, and various other forms of torture, but one of the main reasons is for assassination purposes. The administration of deceptive tactics is also effective in assassination plots of populations on a wide scale across the globe. At first assassination efforts, attempts were very crude, but over the years, they have developed into a very complex plot or strategy. Counterrevolutionary and paramilitary operations funded by the United States government usually are very successful. If the Pentagon expected operations to be successful, numerous other countries realized they had to participate so models in their country could duplicate results. The Secret Service intercepted battle strategies and allowed defensive operations. They created ambushes out in front of Adolph Hitler and strengthened plans to capture and interrogate him. The Americans analyzed the Nazi Communist Party, and at the same time, intelligence produced vital information about his army. The information obtained about the enemy was used to target their military from the satellite. They placed assassins within close proximity of their targets for easy elimination and perfected tactics through years of study. They blended them into political affairs of suspected terrorist and other government organizations depending on their classification. Covert missions have changed policies over the years, but unfortunately, it usually is the systematic elimination of people for political reasons. Secret organizations created by the government usually lead to the discovery of retaliation operations with a kill or capture targeted label or list and they are very successful at meeting objectives to disarm the enemy. Plans that are not so successful are taken and modified by generals. They are created to take control of government entities, disable militaries, conduct arrest procedures, and create assassination plots. Sometimes, a covert mission is led by members of an elite organization for the rescue of hostages or domestic espionage or sometimes even to unmask foreign influence for the anti-war movement. They made numerous plans and strategies to cover their operations. It took efforts in different areas, but Congress predicted it to be a success. Usually, for a mission to be successful, operatives are from different areas, and engagements from different angles are considered. It takes complicated thought processes to address areas of engagement that lead to successful operations. When the operations are successful, usually, the operatives from that region become the leaders.