Wesort-Mulatto-Indians (An Ethnic Tri-Racial Isolate Group) of Port Tobacco and La Plata, Maryland

“The Mulindian Nation”
  • Published: August 2018
  • Format: E-Book
  • Pages: 80
  • Size: 8.5x11
  • ISBN: 9781546232834
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I​n distinct contrast to “grandma-Bessie”, ​​the “Geechee Lady”​, who was born in 1888, on a little South Carolina sea-island among the humble descendants of the Cherokee “Trail of Tears”- survivors, crammed together with the descendants of black-slaves into one little, down-trodden island-community​)​,……. grandmother-Sarah, a “​Wesort-Mulatto-Indian”,…(was born one year after Bessie in 1889, in the somewhat more up-to-date, southern city of La Plata). * * * * * * * * * * * Sarah Proctor came into the world among her people, ​the genteel, colored-elite; …​an intermediate color-caste, who were the “free-people-of-color” of southeast Port Tobacco & La Plata, Maryland,… known as the proud, self-sufficient, well-educated, softly-spoken, well-mannered, very well-dressed, and always smoothly-coiffured, “good-haired” & ​light-skinned​ “Wesorts” • It was during an era when ​RACISM was “KING”;​ ​a stark-white, ruthless & headless monarch that ranted, ruled, and raged through America. • However, ironically on the other hand, there were those proponents of ​COLORISM​ who were said to be found mostly among “lighter people”, who exhibited social airs which caused them to be perceived by most other “Coloureds” as “privileged” little princes & princesses” ​who,…….somehow ​always seemed, to their darker brothers & sisters (​who misunderstood them), to be loyally-emulating their eminent ruler, that metaphorical raging “KING”! • But, for the most part, they were NOT really as disloyal as they were perceived to be,…but, ​“stuck in the middle”​ as they were,…they were ​simply ​a very ​misunderstood​ group of very good American citizens.

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