Prophecy Checklist Over One Hundred Bible Prophecies Counting Down to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

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  • Published: February 2008
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This millennial age opened with airwaves and newspapers filled with shocking events.   Weather has become so tumultuous that flooding is commonplace, scores of tornadoes touching down in an evening, tsunamis and fierce hurricanes destroying coastal regions, and global record setting temperatures.  Small nations defy powerful ones by detonating nuclear weapons against stern warnings. First world nations are threatened by the seepage of nuclear arms into the hands of terrorists. The atomic scientists’ Doomsday’s Clock inched to within five minutes of the midnight of humanity’s destruction.  America experienced its first Mid-East terrorist attack, for her alliance with Israel.  Afterwards, the U.S. initiated an unprovoked attack on Iraq perplexing world leaders. The Middle East is the epicenter of international turmoil with Israel’s very existence openly threatened by certain Arab states. The social landscape has changed with the gay rights movement international success with governments recognizing the rights of humans to live apart from the sexual mores of the Abrahamic based religions.  With increasing frequency, terrorism toward Israelis in God's name turn peaceful shopping trips, wedding days, and ordinary bus rides in Israel into fearful sights of unspeakable carnage.  CNN and The New York Times report that an asteroid is heading toward earth.  Is all this coincidental?   No.  Thousands of years ago, Jewish prophets recorded that all these events, and more, would converge in the generation that would see Israel become a nation which occurred in May 1948.  Prophecies heard in church are now seen on television, the west’s war with Iraq’s leader and its soon defeat of Iran’s leader was predicted thousands of years before Christ by the Jewish prophet Daniel famed for his lion’s den escape in Iraq.    Using Jewish prophecies, this book is a barometer of world conditions countdown of this age. 


Foreword in honor of Larry King of CNN

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