Genesis 2000

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  • Published: January 2000
  • Format: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)
  • Pages: 272
  • Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781585002382
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Genesis 2000 - The Forbidden Initiatic Version - is based on the original Hebrew Language, lost six hundred years before Christ, and in which Moses wrote Genesis. 'Genesis 2000' is a profound spiritual-scientific text which has never been published before for good reasons! The Bible which we possess is far from being the exact translation of the Genesis of Moses. The French scholar, who restored the tongue of Moses to its original purity, knew very well that he would clash with old age accepted religious errors and prejudices if he did so. He said, 'In choosing to restore the Hebraic tongue to its original form, I have not been ignorant of any of the difficulties, nor any of the dangers awaiting me. But if one had to listen always to those pusillanimous considerations, what things would ever be perfected?' And also, 'Many men have, at different times and among different peoples, possessed the understanding of the Sepher in the way that I possess it; but some have prudently concealed this knowledge whom divulgence would have been dangerous at that time, while others have enveloped it with veils so thick as to be attacked with difficulty.' (Fabre d'Olivet, 'The Hebrew Tongue Restored').

Maimonides, Jewish Rabbi, savant and philosopher of the 13th century said, 'Taken to the letter, 'Genesis' gives the most absurd and extravagant account of the creation and of divinity. Whoever shall know the true sense of it ought to take care not to divulge it. This is an advice that all our sages repeat to us, above all in what concerns the work of the six days. If a person should discover the true meaning of it, he ought to speak of it obscurely, in an enigmatic manner as I do myself; leaving the truth to be guessed by those who can understand me. (Maimonaides 'More Nevochovim' Parch.II Cap.xxix)

What is the secret that has been so carefully guarded throughout the ages?

Do you want to know? Do you want to know the Truth?

If you are a scientist, or a human being who have resolved questions about God, your origin, creation, the sense of being, and your final destiny; If you feel stumped in your growth or in your investigations by old-age accepted errors, 'Genesis 2000' concerns you directly regardless of race or creed!

Finds true, intelligent answers to essential questions, read 'Genesis 2000'.

Fascinating! Spiritual-Scientific! Divine-Human! Personal and Infinite! Profound! Intelligent! Awe-Inspiring! It may well be the only version of creation acceptable in the next century!

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