Professional Investigation

by E. Anim-Danquah



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/26/2018

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781546265160
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781546265153
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 242
ISBN : 9781546265146

About the Book

“PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION” by E. Anim-Danquah is an Award-Winning FINALIST in the True Crime:Non-Fiction Category of the 2020 International Book Awards.

“PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION” is a highly rated investigation textbook about the only kind in the world. There are millions of investigation books all over the world but the same cannot be said for INVESTIGATION TEXTBOOKS.

Apart from being an excellent teaching/training material for State Security setups and Intelligence Agencies worldwide, this book is a UNIQUE post-training reference/guide for these systems.

Among many other thought-provoking discussions, PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION looks at (1) The Importance of PLANNING In Investigation (anticipation of possible influences/undesirable controls, access to useful information, availability of funds/logistics and judicious use of same, motivation, vulnerabilities, etc.); (2) EVIDENCE: (Types, Acquisition and Presentation in Reports, Burden Of Proof in Civil and Criminal Cases, Preservation of Evidence – STPs, Admissible and Inadmissible Evidence, etc.); (3) INTERROGATION: (Preparation, Urgency of tasks, Intent and Action, Secrecy and Security Arrangements, the art of questioning Suspects, Accused and Witnesses, the objective of interrogation, “Confrontation” and its importance in investigation, Independent Witnesses, Interpreters, the Special Interrogation Report, etc.); (4) ARRESTS, SEARCHES AND DETENTION: (objective, legal requirements and implications, criminal procedures, etc.); (5) STATEMENTS: (procedure, types, Cautioning: standard caution words and procedures, the “Statement” NOT an “Investigation Report” on its own, etc.); (6) MODUS OPERANDI (M.O.): (importance of M.O., critical elements of M.O., factors influencing changes in the M.O. of criminals/offenders, government policy formulation, etc.); (7) DISTRACTION: importance in investigation, Congested Offices, causes, effects and control of distraction, etc.); (8) REPORTS: (effective presentation of evidence in reports, key factors for excellent reporting, classification, preservation of reports, etc.); (9) CASE STUDIES: (very exciting and thought-provoking discussions on persistent leakage of examination questions of public and international examination bodies and permanent solution to these diligently looked at; conducting investigation in a foreign country, chieftaincy, treason, robbery, false alarms, and other sensitive security challenges. These test cases can be used as standard examination questions for Senior Officers undergoing training or refresher courses in State Security and Intelligence Agencies to test their thinking and professional judgment.

Additionally, the book provides good tuition on PERSONAL SECURITY, something which no one should underrate or brush aside even if one has paid security details providing such services 24/7. Remember, it’s PERSONAL SECURITY and not SECURITY BY ANOTHER PERSON. The best person to trust is one’s own self in security matters. If the security guard turns his neck around, how do you put him in check if you have no idea yourself. Note that guns and gadgets are never enough to secure one’s life in terms of “PREVENTIVE” SECURITY. Learn more from “PROFESSIONAL INVESTIGATION” by E. Anim-Danquah and protect yourself and your family. The book is further recommended to professionals like judges/magistrates, journalists, businessmen especially those who own large businesses, legal practitioners and private security organizations.

About the Author

This Author is an internationally trained professional in Intelligence, Counter-Intelligence and Criminal Investigation and served the Government of Ghana in these capacities for over twenty years.

E. Anim-Danquah is also the author of “PRINCIPLES OF INTERROGATION”, published in the USA; “A HANDBOOK ON INVESTIGATION” and “THE ART OF INVESTIGATION”, published in Ghana.

He was a lecturer in intelligence and investigation at the Ghana Immigration Service Academy and Training School concurrently for four years.

He is now into private business.