Ti & Do The Father & “Jesus” Heaven’s Gate UFO Two Witnesses

by Sawyer



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Language : English
Publication Date : 1/18/2017

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.25x11
Page Count : 912
ISBN : 9781524657628
Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 912
ISBN : 9781524657611

About the Book

This book provides detailed evidence from everything Jesus prophesied, often broken down to the root definitions of terms from the Greek and Aramaic/Hebrew languages which manuscripts were written in, to show in context by numerous Bible records, how and why those called, Ti (Tee) and Do (Doe) were the new incarnations of the One referred to as the Father and before then, Jehovah and Elohim, with the One who was incarnate in the vehicle (body) named Jesus, and before then Elijah, Moses, Enoch and Adam, who with Their Crew of Student "Saints," were on earth again to fulfill the promised return of Their Kingdom during these "End Times," through Their task recorded as the "Two Witnesses" in the Book of Revelations, that was completed when they exited their incarnations in March of 1997 - seen in the world's news as Heaven's Gate.

Ti and Do left extensive records of everything they came to awaken to know over their combined 25 years incarnate. As I spent 19 fully dedicated years with them I drew upon their records and my experience to describe many new translations of terms and new interpretations of most all Book of Revelations records.

Finally, I studied world history and current events that can be shown to be valid reference points in many prophecies. This includes many unusual events NASA has photographed in outer space as Jesus prophesied; a cityscape of Lights on dwarf planet Ceres, earth-like qualities to dwarf planet Pluto, hexagon shaped top on Saturn, spire like towers on the Moon, complicated objects that resemble Star Trek's star-ship enterprise in the sun's corona, comets that are comprised of several to seven objects flying in V formation, or having companion objects with them and parts of UFO and Luciferian space alien reports, holograms like Fatima and Spirits.

TI & DO The Father and "Jesus" Heaven's Gate UFO Two Witnesses, Who Returned Incarnate With Their "Saints," From 1972 to 1997 Prophesied in the Book of Revelations Termed by Christians as "The Second Coming" From The Physical "Evolutionary" Level Above Human The Kingdom of God in Heaven Whose Membership: "Wear" Physical Vehicles (Bodies), Grown on a Vine (That Human bodies are Designed to Resemble) To Work Within planet Sized Spacecrafts Like Pluto and Ceres That Serve as Laboratories for Their Earth Soul-Growing "Garden" Experiments That Incorporate the Negative Influence of The Luciferian "Space" Aliens, aka "The Fallen Angels" So Prospective New Members, Directed By Incarnate Older members May Overcome the Human "Evolutionary" Kingdom To Graduate Into the Next Level Kingdom In the Literal Heavens.

About the Author

In 1971, at 19, I hitchhiked from NYC to Mexico via Vancouver, B.C. where I eventually homesteaded in the mountains. After a winter, I was deported and ended up in Waldport, OR where as a hippie musician explored spirituality but was left wanting until those who would later be known as Ti and Do came to town, saying they came from "the same Family as Jesus", on earth to demonstrate to humans how to start a metamorphosis, aka "Christing," to become a member of The Physical Evolutionary Kingdom Level Above Human, where they had physical bodies appropriate to their society and traveled in spacecrafts that were often described in the Bible as a "cloud of light," today a UFO. 34 adults left families, friends, careers and homes to join with them living as transient, celibate monks with no trappings. They became known as the UFO Two, who were not religious or spiritual, but who said they were fulfilling the Two Witnesses prophecy in the Book of Revelations. I believed in Jesus but was not a Christian and knew nothing about UFO's, yet it all made perfect sense. Living in the wilderness for 3+ years, Do named me Sawyer as the camps chain saw operator. In 1993 with no obvious reason, I broke my celibacy vow with myself and decided to leave in 1994 after 19 years, though still a believer. After they laid down their lives ceremonially in March 21-22, 1997 as the Hale-Bopp Comet was nearest, called Heaven's Gate, I gave many interviews to the NYC based media. I then fathered a baby and began to have dreams of Ti and Do and fellow crew members and they helped me re-awaken to their reality over the next ten years that resulted in my writing this book.