Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry

10 Ways to Assess and Improve Cross-Cultural Competence in Church, Ministry and the Workplace.

by Osoba O. Otaigbe



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Language : English
Publication Date : 6/30/2016

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781524629908
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 144
ISBN : 9781524629885
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ISBN : 9781524629892

About the Book

Revd Osoba Otaigbe has written a comprehensive guide for helping the church more effectively relate and serve across cultural borders. Whether you’re welcoming a community of refugees, travelling on a short-term mission experience, befriending an expat family, or simply interacting with an increasingly diverse society, this guide will help you love your neighbour. The book is packed full of insights about cultural intelligence and brings them to life for Christians. The case studies and discussion questions are particularly useful for making the theoretical ideas immensely practical. As both a cultural intelligence researcher and a Christian, it gives me great joy to commend Revd Osoba and his work to you. David Livermore, PhD., author of Leading with Cultural Intelligence and President of Cultural Intelligence Centre USA Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry is a timely contribution to our understanding of the way varied global and local cultures can be nurtured to offer a rich and meaningful engagement in our lives and in work. It draws on a wide range of scriptural and practical examples that makes it an easy to read and understand study guide for various audiences. The guidance on how to develop cross-cultural competence, in particular, makes the book a must-read, one that promises to equip the reader with the much required understanding, appropriate responses, and management of diverse cross-cultural engagements in both missions and ministries. Dr Maureen Ayikoru, Senior Lecturer, Anglia Ruskin University, United Kingdom In our rapidly changing society it is really important that we all develop greater cultural intelligence. If we are to become the vibrant Kingdom community of all nations that the Bible envisages we need much greater understanding and appreciation of those who are different from ourselves. This book, and the assessment and workshops that go alongside it, will be particularly helpful for leaders, churches and groups who want to grow in this area. Relating the concepts of cultural intelligence to passages of Scripture, it will certainly encourage some great discussion, learning and reflection for discipleship and mission. Revd Lynn Green, General Secretary, Baptist Union of Great Britain Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry is a worthwhile work with important things to say and to give perceptive and practical guidance Prof David Dunn-Wilson, Honorary Research Fellow, Cliff College, United Kingdom Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry book has done a marvelous job of integrating scriptural basis and reference points in the exploration of the cultural intelligence factors as they relate to ministry and mission. This being interspersed with practical and real world scenarios and examples is very helpful. The reflection/study guide questions are also well written and will provide for deeper learning, discussion and application. There is a considerable amount of information and detail to work through and I would suggest that people work through the book at a steady pace so that they can fully digest that immense learning and insights that this book will give. Adrian Kistan, Principal Consultant, Intercultural Solutions, Australia More than ever, ‘cultural intelligence’ is a much-needed competence to grow, develop and nurture. Current fears and conflicts on the global and in local contexts, and not the least in churches, underscore this. Through this timely volume, Osoba O. Otaigbe brings his expertise as a cultural intelligence researcher, and years of experience working in cross-cultural and diverse contexts to offer an invaluable resource for churches. Building Cultural Intelligence in Church and Ministry draws on a variety of scholarly sources, biblical texts, and practical examples to provide readers with helpful insights and questions for reflection on developing cultural awareness, intelligence and competence. A welcome resource for ministerial/missional formation and both denominational and local church leadership! Michael N. Jagessar (Revd Dr) Global and Intercultural Ministries, United Reformed Church (UK)

About the Author

Osoba Otaigbe is an accredited Baptist minister with the Baptist Union of Great Britain and also an Advanced CQ Certified Facilitator by the Cultural Intelligence Centre. Over the past thirty years, Osoba has been in cross-cultural leadership positions with eighteen years as an entrepreneur within the oil and gas industry. Osoba has also served twelve years in mission and ministry in two London Baptist churches (Tooting Junction Baptist Church where he is currently a Pastor and Memorial Community Church). Apart from that, he also served as the chair of the London Baptist Association Mission Strategy Forum. The forum serves as the strategic mission think-tank of the association and seeks to facilitate creative, innovative and pioneering approaches to mission in cross-cultural places and spaces where local churches may not be best placed to respond for a variety of reasons. He studied Business, Computer Science and later on Theology. Osoba now brings his thirty years of experience in business and as a mission strategist to the world of intercultural competence coaching and mentoring.