The Shattered Heart

by Sherrie Cox



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 8/13/2015

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781504928090
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 212
ISBN : 9781504928083

About the Book

The Birth of Sally's second child gave her hope for the loving family she always dreamed of having. Her first thought when she laid eyes on her new son Aaron was, "You'll make us proud one day. I Do Pray you and your brother Bradley will be good friends, always looking after each other."

But, Will they be close or hate one another?

Can Sally pull through and survive Radiation/Chemo treatments she has to endure while raising two boys, and working a full time job at night during the time Richard was sent to Saudi Arabia? Not knowing who would take care of her children if something happens to her and/or Richard, it gave Sally a reason to fight to live and spend every second she could with her sons.

About the Author

Being a short person has always put me in the position of being joked and teased, which is okay because I am proud to be who I am. A woman my youngest son always calls a little midget standing at four feet ten inches. But standing in a chair always puts me at someone else's level or putting them sitting in a chair puts them at my level has settled a lot of debates. Because no one can maintain a straight face while continuing the conversation in question, I would always say to them, "Okay, now that we are at the same eye to eye level, your problem is what?" I retired from the medical field after twenty-five years. We raised two boys, which was a feat in itself. I wasn’t sure we all would survive that. Also, I achieved my paralegal degree in my spare time. I was a licensed hairdresser for five years prior. Growing my roses that win first and second place with an occasional best of show as well as tending to them all (forty bushes) gives me a release from worry and stress, and it is my therapy. My grandmother always said to me, "Keep your hands in the dirt, child, and you will always know where your roots are." So I do, and I will never forget the Mountains of W.Va. Having a wonderful husband who has been supportive, attentive, caring, loving unconditionally is something most women dream of. I for one have truly been blessed with just that with Randy for thirty-four years. Oh, don't think for one moment that we don't or didn't have disagreements and downright fights. We do and did, but we always worked through it, trusted our love, and trusted in each other and God to get us over the humps. I was told by a very smart, caring person (my sweet grandmother from another family, time, and world) that the way to a happy life with your spouse is to always talk things out before going to bed. Never go to bed angry at one another. Hold hands facing one another while talking. You can't stay angry when you do this. Never look away from each other. And always ask yourself, where would I be without them in my life? Would I want to go through life without them with me? Do I love them enough to work at it? Usually the answer is a good one. You may have many kinds of love throughout your life, even during your marriage. But there will only be one true love, your Spouse. Friends, family, and even your children can never come between each other for they will grow up and go out into the world on their own, and you will be left. The only one beside you will be your spouse, the one who has always been by your side. Always let the ones that mean something to you in or out of your lives know you are always here and will always love them. You never know when something will happen to take them away. Please post comments, questions, and a review at the author’s webpage as well as please post a review on the site that your book was purchased. Thank you for all your support.