The Finger of God

The Beginning

by Malcolm Batley



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 12/5/2014

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 418
ISBN : 9781496998330
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 418
ISBN : 9781496998347

About the Book

An action-adventure and love story set in Africa. Seventeen-year-old Mal is a bit of a problem child with a Napoleon complex, but when he goes on a school trip to London, he soon learns that there are worse things in the world than humorless teachers and faculty. Much worse, in fact. Instead of enjoying a holiday with his mates in the big city, he’s abducted, drugged, and shipped out of the country—first to France, then to Africa. But he’s not the only young victim to find himself in this predicament. Along with him is the lovely Harriet, a boy named Phillip, and a girl named Sandra. The foursome quickly develops a tight bond that serves them well against their captors, two sadistic men named Jean and Lopez. As they make their way across the continent, the youngsters endure physical and emotional abuses, plotting their escape all the while. Although salvation eventually comes for Mal, it’s not without its price, and the horrors of his African ordeal follow him back to Leeds, haunting him. In the end, the lessons he learns in the wilderness serve him well for his greatest challenge: overcoming lifelong bullying. Batley’s narrative instincts keep the page-turning plot engaging. However, that fast pace comes at the expense of nearly everything else. The villains are one-dimensional and predictably (if gruesomely) vile. Batley’s narrative instincts keep the page-turning plot. The villains are one-dimensional and predictably (if gruesomely) vile. -Kirkus Reviews Mafia and revenge. It’s an exhausting vortex of emotion and intrigue with a few references to black magic. -BlueInk Review If danger and a glimpse at the evil underbelly of mankind were enough to make for an exciting action/adventure novel, The Finger of God would earn high honors. The perils that Malcolm encounters are both numerous and horrific. -Clarion Review

About the Author

A dream is only a dream, as long as your dream doesn’t come true! The Finger of God and the sequel, The Screaming Demon, were both dreams that began when I was young. I have always wanted and thought about writing a book ever since I was at school. I told a teacher that I would like to be a writer. “A writer?” she said. “You will never be a writer, Malcolm! You have to learn to write first, and you cannot even spell, so how do you intend writing a book?” My reply, “You have my stumped there, miss!” Unable to spell coffee, I left school. I never forgot what she told me. I always dreamed about writing a book. Then one bright and sunny day, I was told there’s a book and a dream hidden inside everybody, and my dream came true. I love my spell-check! If only I had spell-check when I was as school.