Wheels of Light

Introductions, Homilies, Prayers of the Faithful, and Reflections for each Sunday of the Three-Year Liturgical Cycle, with extra Material for Special Feast Days.

by Fr. Con Buckley



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Language : English
Publication Date : 2/12/2015

Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 724
ISBN : 9781496984098
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 724
ISBN : 9781496984104
Format : E-Book
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Page Count : 724
ISBN : 9781496984111

About the Book

These introductions, homilies, reflections, and prayers are not theory, but a priest's experience of a liturgical approach that works. The testimony of the faithful who say, "what a lovely mass..what a moving homily, could I have a copy?", is his touchstone. So is the popularity of the homilies on his internet,web, "A Priest Reflects". This book works because it treats each Sunday liturgy as a seamless robe of rich interwoven themes. Thus, the introduction identifies the links between the Old Testament reading and the Gospel, and adds any gems from the second reading. Then, when the scripture is read, people, clued in to the overall import, listen more profitably. The homily elaborates the key themes from the readings further, and relates them to life, with stories, anecdotes, newspaper headlines, references to common events etc. The aim is that the Word should light up our contemporary experience.. The final doxology reinforces the point that the Word is life for this world, not just the next; The creed introduction summarizes the whole, and the prayers carry that on into petitions for church leaders, civil authorities, youth, the sick, the dead, and special needs. There are special prayers for our youth, that gaps in our congregations there will be bridged. And the presiding minister should add other topical issues of the day. The reflection after holy communion again reinforces the overall message, but also leaves the people of God with something spicy and memorable to take home. So, all in all, this book should light up our masses, or services, and make them gospel based, relevant, inspirational, and focused.. The homilies are timed at about five minutes, people's normal attention span. So don't miss out on this innovative book. Buy it, and it will light up your Sunday mass, and provide spiritual food for the following week.

About the Author

The author is a priest, with theological degrees from St.Patrick’s Pontifical University, in Ireland, and a doctorate in Literature from Oxford University, In England. He has lectured in Bethlehem University, in Israel, and in the De La Salle University in Manila, in the Philippines, as associate professor of literature. He has published scholarly articles in various publications, and recently published a book of poems entitled The Last Irish Romantic, which has been generally praised by critics. He was ordained in 2002, and he has served as a diocesan priest for ten years, where the material in this book has been tested and proved. At the moment, he is on sabbatical, to pursue his writings. The fruit of that year is this work, and a book on the Sermon on the Mount, due to be published shortly. People in parishes where he has worked, have praised his homilies, and urged him to have them published. He has now done so, to help priests, catechists and lay faithful appreciate the liturgy more, and to delve more deeply into the immense riches of Christ that is contained in the three-year liturgical cycle. For as Orthodox Christians say, the liturgy is the chief educator of the faithful. He hopes that others will get as much pleasure and profit from reading this book, as he has got from writing it. For it was, above all, a labor of love; love of the Lord, of the wonderful liturgy, and of the people of God, who are privileged to attend the magnificent Sunday liturgies, given to us by the church. For in the liturgy we enter into something infinitely greater than ourselves, the eternal glory and holiness of God and of his Christ.