Politics in America

A Guide to the Two-Party System

by Frank P. Daversa



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 10/16/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 138
ISBN : 9781477276778

About the Book

This remarkable book enlightens novice and undecided voters about politics in America. To start with, it describes the types of people who make up the two major political parties. Liberal to conservative democrats and libertarians to social conservatives are covered. Next, it discusses the parties’ respective histories, ranging from 1800 to the present day. Then it explains the ideologies of each, from social issues to economics to the environment. This is followed by a summary of landmark Congressional legislation, from the Glass-Steagall Act to the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. “Obamacare”). Next, it provides terse commentary on issues relevant to the 2012 election, from taxes to abortion to national security. Lastly, it summarizes concepts every voter should understand before casting their vote on Election Day.

About the Author

Frank P. Daversa was raised in South Hempstead, NY. It was during college that he honed his writing skills. Shortly after receiving his B.S. degree with a 3.96 GPA, Frank moved to Houston, TX. He worked 14 years in the corporate world before becoming a writer in 2007. Frank had his first web article published in 2008. Later that year, he began collaborating with author Joseph V. Franciosa on his recent novel, “Young Adolf: An Alternate History.” In 2011, that creative vision became a reality with the publishing of his first book. During that same year, he began writing his first work of non-fiction, “Politics in America: A Guide to the Two-Party System”. In 2012, his latest effort was realized with the publishing of his second book. Frank looks forward to publishing another non-fiction book about spirituality in the time that follows.