A Search for a Theology of Resuscitation

Is it possible to find in the Bible and subsequent Christian Tradition a Theology to underpin the Ethics of Resuscitation?

by Priscilla Noble-Mathews



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Language : English
Publication Date : 3/21/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 92
ISBN : 9781467890960
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About the Book

This is an attempt to search for a theology to underpin the ethics of resuscitation. Because reference is sometimes made to resuscitation being attempted in the Bible, the Search examines the Old and New Testament for instances of resuscitation or revival from the dead which may shed light on such theology. However, it is also contended that,in the time before Christ, it was life in this world which was prized,and that it was only towards the end of the Old Testament era there was the beginning of a perception of resurrection after death, to a different sphere of existence. Following the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ it was eternal life that was to be the goal of living. This, it is contended,is why there is a dearth of material in Christian Tradition on any reference to a value of revival to life in this world. It is also contended that, in Christian Tradition, up until approximately the last century, there is always a fundamental acknowledgment of God as the Author of life and the Arbiter of death. However, in modern times the emphasis which has been laid on the autonomy of the individual is encouraging people to replace and edge out God, thus twisting the first strand of theological underpinning of the ethics out of recognition. An additional strand of theology is uncovered, in that the biblical recorded resuscitations were all carried out for some purposwe, or for the benefit of someone, other than the person being revived, although the person themselves may have derived some indirect benefit.

About the Author

Priscilla Noble-Mathews is a semi-retired Medical Preactitioner practicing as a Locum for a General Medical Practice in West Sussex. Born in Hindhead, Surrey, England she was a Barrister before studying Medicine at the University of Southampton from where she graduated in 1976. She is a deeply committed Christian, a Roman Catholic, and, while still practicing Medicine, studied Theology, ,at St.John's Seminary, Wonersh, gaining a BTh (Hons) in 2007. She then gained a Master of Arts Degree in Theology at the University of Wales, Lampeter, in 2010. For over twenty years she was a Voluntary Immediate Care Doctor being called out to Trauma and Medical Emergencies, hence her interest in resuscitation and her search for a Theology to underpin the ethics associated with this.