The Berkshire Jack Russells

by Eileen Chatwin



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 1/6/2012

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781467878326
Format : E-Book
Dimensions : N/A
Page Count : 108
ISBN : 9781467878333

About the Book

This is a true story about two Jack Russells that lived with my children and I. They were the most loyal and fun loving dogs anyone could wish to own. But also fiercely protective towards their human family. And this got them into all sorts of mischievous situations. Read about the adventures at their English home in Berkshire and also their Tokyo years. Discover what they got up to in Windsor Great Park, their adventures with our pet tortoises and the excitement of the round-the-world trip. They truly had a wonderful life and their story has been told through the eyes of the feisty one, Gabby….. Growing up was a breeze – cause mayhem, have fun, but most of all, protect my family against anything and everything. Now that’s a dog’s life! This is a heart-warming book and will connect with anyone who owns or has ever owned dogs that they have loved and cherished. It will pull the heart strings, make you laugh and make you cry. But above all it will give you a good and enjoyable read about something that’s real to you and those around you.

About the Author

Having been the owner and lived with these two Jack Russells, Gabby and Boni, all their lives, l thought there was a story to be told about them as they were the most loyal and fun loving dogs you could wish to have owned.  They were mother and daughter, as we had two litters of puppies, but we did not keep any from the second litter as we thought two dogs were enough in a house.  We took them everywhere we travelled both in England and abroad, and wherever we lived they were constantly on guard for our personal safety whether that be out walking on a lead or in bed when they were guarding the house.

When they died, almost  within a year of each other, we realized what a difference they had made in our lives as a family. They were missed almost every day, you had got so used to them bouding around the house. My grown up daughter's have families of their own now and are going to have some Jack Russells very soon of their own for their children.  My late husband would love to have known that a book had been written about our two dogs as he thought they were great. Gabby was born in June 1976 and died in September 1992 and Boni was born in May 1978 and died in October 1993.

I live in the County of Berkshire in England where there are a lot of Stud Farms that breed Jack Russells so you see a lot of them around.  I do creative writing as a hobby now that I am retired and thought how delighted my late husband and of course my own children would be if I wrote about the dogs we had.  I am a widow and live on my own but have plenty of good memories to keep me going.  My grandchiildren are always asking for stories about the dogs that their mum's had and of course I always oblige.  Happy Days.