Gastronomy from an Ice Cold Paradise

History and Culinary culture of Åland Islands

by Benn Haidari



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 6/7/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 8.5x11
Page Count : 76
ISBN : 9781456778002

About the Book

The world do not know where this paradise exists, but Benn Haidari does not only open the world map for you, but also has researched of how this paradise came into existance with its historical facts ,culinary culture, beauty of the landscape and the gastronom hospitality of the people living in this unknown ice cold paradise.

The author put all the culinary litrature not only on the plate, but also how it came into existence, why and when. Aland islands is placed in the centre of Finnoscandia in all aspects and it is worth to vist in your lifetime.

About the Author

BENN HAIDARI was born in the Comoroes, in a village called Mbeni. He was educated in the Zanzibar Islands and completed his secondary education in 1968. Benn emigrated to the Aland Islands in 1970, where he took his diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and started to become famous in the 1980s after becoming the first chef star in culinary films in Scandinavia. His first film was How to become a Chef. His series Cook with Benn was his first TV cooking shows. In 2005 he was invited to Tokyo as an official culinary guest on the Japanese TV show World Great & Amazing Visual Expo. His first book, Modern Zanzibar Cuisine was published in 2006. Actor, film producer, and a Chef ,he really knows what he wants and believes in what he creates in the culinary world. For almost 40 years now, with his uncompromising standards of gastronom quality he has worked himself into a Chef, writer and culinary researcher of great influence starting from Zanzibar Islands in the Indian Ocean to Aland Islands on the North. This is the secret behind his fastidious yet confident simplicity. The successful fusion form and function in his gastronomic works provides a natural and enduring aesthetic experience. It is a pleasure to be with him while cooking subtle dishes, the sophisticated and timeless clarity of his recipes as much at home and in the television shows. Passionately devoted to food, culture and history since his early teens, he can spend half a day planning evening meals for his guests at home while researching for different culinary cultures .