Change? What Change?

A Practical Guide to Help Everyone Cope with Change

by Geoffrey Hackett



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 2/2/2011

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781452068534
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 280
ISBN : 9781452068541

About the Book

I am always surprised by the number of knowledgeable and dynamic people who when they earnestly desire that things should be different throw themselves enthusiastically and with renewed vigor into doing more of the things they’ve done before. When you get down to talking with them this is nearly always based on the fact that they are so fearful of the uncertainties of change that rather than plan or learn to manage change, which commonsense would dictate to be the solution to their needs, they would far rather endure even more of that which they are seeking to alter.

—Why the fear? Often because people will not communicate or share their ideas in case they are dismissed.

I am always impressed that the majority of significant changes, and especially those that have endured the test of time, did not explode onto the scene, were not monumental events, were not the creations of super-humans, but the ideas of normal everyday thinkers and creators, ordinary people who wanted to influence change, whose concepts took years to come to light and often lifetimes to be recognized or used to their full potential.

About the Author

Geoffrey Hackett is a film director and television producer, who started with over twenty years’ experience in commercial management before changing to a career of twenty-three years in learning support through script-to-screen creative communication. He has written, directed and produced over 400 management development training programmes, of which some 250 were broadcast by the BBC. During the creation of these he has worked with leading academics, industrialists, politicians and entrepreneurs, from whom he has distilled vast pools of knowledge into meaningful and considered, adaptable guides to success, especially in the areas of team-building, communication skills, performance management, leadership and change management for all. Geoffrey is an engaging speaker opening new insights into both managing change and effective communication on any media or in any organisation. Geoffrey also delivers film day experience for team development and a fun charity event for CSR conscious companies or groups that is so win win – it’s a life changing experience for all who participate and benefit. He also gives charity talks on building sustainable echo homes for orphans and the victims of disaster world wide. Geoffrey also works in the community with several preservation health and children’s charities and as a school governor For more information or to make a comment, visit