Star Origins and Wisdom of Animals

Talks With Animal Souls

by Jacquelin Smith



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Language : English
Publication Date : 9/7/2010

Format : E-Book
Dimensions : E-Book
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781452052458
Format : Hardcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781452052465
Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 6x9
Page Count : 336
ISBN : 9781452052441

About the Book

As an animal communicator and psychic, I'm able to see, feel, hear, and know what an animal is communicating to me. Also, being clairvoyant, I can see an animal's aura and essence. I teach people in my workshops how to look beyond an animal's physical form and how to connect heart to heart with the essence of an animal. The key to hearing our animal companions' essence is to look beyond the body and to connect with the amazing soul of the being. The body happens to be a physical form that the soul has created in order to learn and to fulfill a purpose. Telepathic communication with animals is a natural way of communicating. It is like a telephone conversation between two people. The telephone wires are the available lines of consciousness open between us that make the call possible. Perhaps you remember the films, Men in Black I and II. They are not so far-fetched as you might think. In both films there's a pug named Frank. We could say his soul was wearing a disguise so that he could accomplish his mission on Earth without attracting a lot of attention. In this book, one dog's soul tells about being an inter dimensional traveler while another discusses how difficult it was adjusting to his cat body because he's only lived on Earth twice. You will read about a groundhog who walked up to me and put his paw on my shoe and a hawk who flew to me after I had communicated with her telepathically.

About the Author

Jacquelin Smith is an internationally known animal communicator and psychic who lives in Columbus, Ohio.  She is a pioneer in the field of telepathic communication with animals. Jacquelin has been communicating with animals and has worked as a psychic with people professionally for more than thirty years.

            Since 1972 she’s been actively involved in studying animal life and behavior, and teaching workshops.  After receiving a B.A., Jacquelin worked as an animal technician and dog trainer, while studying psychology.  She is also a board-certified hypnotherapist which has deepened her communication skills with people and animals.  She has studied shamanic work for over fifteen years.

            Jacquelin has communicated with animals in zoological parks and in the wild during her travels in Africa and South America.  She has communicated with cats, dogs, horses, dolphins, bats, birds, bears, chimps, rabbits and many other species.

            She combines telepathic communication with traditional and holistic methods and offers practical ways to resolve a wide variety of issues with animals.  Jacquelin has been tracking lost animals for over twenty years with great results.

            Jacquelin has been communicating with animals, star beings, and interdimensional beings since early childhood.  She has taught workshops on animal communication in various cities throughout the United States.  Also, Jacquelin has taught workshops on communicating with star beings.

            She offers apprenticeship programs to people who want to learn how to communicate with animals and with star beings.  Her book, Animal Communication—Our Sacred Connection, is one of the most comprehensive books on animal communication and animals.

            Jacquelin’s work continues to receive media coverage through radio interviews and television talk shows.

            For information about private consultations, workshops, apprenticeship programs, DVDs, books, and more visit Jacquelin’s website  You can email her at