A Tale From Fynecountry

by Eppie Goyea



Book Details

Language : English
Publication Date : 5/21/2010

Format : Softcover
Dimensions : 5x8
Page Count : 136
ISBN : 9781449050351

About the Book

After obtaining his doctorate degree from a London university, Biletu Bonsala returned to his native land to find that religion had been commercialised almost beyond recognition, and money pervaded every aspect of life. He came across many obstacles as he struggled to live a simple and upright life as an academician.

The only person who seemed to appreciate his honesty was the very person who got him into trouble with the police.

An old friend came to his aid; but did so only to get fame for himself and line his own pocket.

On the other hand, Biletu's wife, Bintu, was ready for any problem that raised its head and dealt with it Fynecountry-style. In her characteristic way, she found an unusual solution to her husband's decision to escape his turbulent academic and city life by taking early retirement to live in the village. Bintu's solution to an uncertain life ahead included, of course, plans to fulfil her own life-long ambition to own a nursery school.

However they remained plans only, as the husband soon found cogent reasons to discredit them. They were replaced by plans for a child health centre to be funded by Biletu who believed that the money from the national diamond industry being paid into his account was the people's money, and should be returned to the people.

A Tale From Fynecountry is an easy-to- read satire on some issues many will identify with.

About the Author

 Eppie Goyea attended Queen's College, Lagos, Nigeria; and later the United Missionary College, Ibadan before leaving for studies abroad.

On her return, she worked briefly as a health educator with the Lutheran World Federation in the immediate post-war period in the then Rivers State. She later joined the staff of the Institute of Child Health, University of Benin where she worked until her relocation to the UK in the late1980's.

As an avid reader of fiction and true-life stories, she has always hoped to write one herself some day.She has published an information booklet and several articles related to preventive child health in reputable journals. In A Tale From Fynecountry she illustrates some aspects of life in developing countries through  fictitious characters.

She is now retired and lives in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.